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10 Week Weight Loss Challenge Has Begun!

I am so excited about the team of participants! For many of us, it has been a fun long summer filled with extra ice cream and goodies at BBQ’s and parties. The important thing about healthy living is putting on the breaks before it gets out of hand and getting back on track. That is what we are choosing to do! I know that my team is dedicated and set up to take the correct action steps to lose weight before the holidays. Myself included! (ice cream with my hubby has be so tough to say no to! Arrrggghhhh!)

What’s one of the best parts? The ACCOUNTABILITY! Accountability is such an effective part of fitness or losing weight (or as I like to say, “making your FAT CRY!”). This is a component of a team challenge that helps get results! For example last night, I had such a busy day (from 7am-7pm) that I probably would have skipped my cardio.  BUT since I knew that I committed to my team as well as myself, I got it done! (even if it was at 8pm…sure helped me sleep better!)

TRUST….over the next 10 weeks, minds will be pre-occupied with family matters, work, travel and much more. There will be times that stress-eating will want to grab hold and the lazy monster will pull you toward the sofa. Regardless, we are choosing to not let mental blocks get the best of us! As a team, we are here to encourage each other and create healthy lifestyle habits with the tools shared. Our vision boards of WHY each of us individually is making the choices to live a healthy lifestyle are one of the great tools to help us achieve our goals.

If you would like to be part of the next challenge or just would like some guidance and accountability, please contact me!

Remember CONSISTENT ACTION + ATTITUDE is EVERYTHING when it comes to losing weight and feeling great in your skin again!