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Another Reason to Ditch the Diet…Stick to Water!

When reviewing nutrition with clients, I often receive questions about Diet Soda…”there are not any calories so it’s fine, right?” My gut has always said, “NO!”  My logic felt that something that was so “man-created” and “non-food like” just couldn’t be OK for our body on a regular basis. How does our body know what to do with the...
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Getting Real & Ready to Deal

Are YOU feeling your MOST vibrant and sexy? How is it March already…I’m still in shock! This means that we have one more month of the first quarter of the year, and only 3 months before swimsuits, shorts, and light clothing are pulled out of storage. At least for those that live in the seasons…myself included now days!  Are you ready for summer? Playing outside? Going to the...
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