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Calling All Couch Potatoes!

Let’s Get Moving! When “exercise” or the thought of getting “in shape” feels so overwhelming it’s paralyzing; it’s time to shake it off and start! A great way to start is to focus on creating a habit and just begin to move. An excellent time is while you are watching your favorite TV program! While sitting and watching your favorite show, have two 3- to...
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Nutrition Certified & Ready to Help YOU!

Nutrition is a HUGE component to helping us reach our fitness goals, looking fabulous and living a more vibrant life! Some stats I’ve read say that it is more than 80% of the equation. I agree! I’ve studied and personally compared many nutrition “plans”, fad diets and what not over the years.  I have even exercised twice a day, an hour each, just trying to keep the extra...
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