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Weight Loss Challenge: Alkalize Your Body

Maintaining the alkalinity of your body is vital for maximum health. Our blood should be slightly alkaline for proper digestive health, a strong immune system and ultimately a more efficient metabolism. This all creates a healthier body and simplifies weight loss. Normal pH levels fall between 7.35 and 7.45. Neutral pH is 7.0. Anything below 7.0 is considered acidic, and may lead to adverse...
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Weight Loss #MayMiniChallenge 2 – Hydration

Water is an absolute essential to live. Did you know, that just breathing uses water? I’m sure most of you have heard, you could survive for weeks without food. But only live a few days without water. Our body weight is between 45 to 75 percent water. Unfortunately, our body does not have the capacity to store “excess” water so it is absolutely essential to replace water...
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Weight Loss Challenge: Breakfast Kick-Off!

Breakfast can start us on a path of blood sugar fluctuations or energy stability for the day ahead.
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It’s a Journey…Not a Destination…Weight Loss

If ONLY being healthy and remaining that ideal size were a destination. Many times throughout my life I’ve wished this and maybe you can relate. No such luck! Maintaining a healthy body is like brushing your teeth, if not done daily they get hairy/slimy (we get weaker &/or heavier) and eventually teeth will fall out (we end up in pain or sick/injured). I was reminded of how this feels...
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Weight Loss Challenge: Clean Your Fridge!

The more unhealthy the food you have in your fridge, the harder it is to make healthy decisions when you’re hungry.  This week your challenge is to go through your fridge and pantry and find one unhealthy item to throw away daily.  If you can’t bear to throw it away, give it away to someone as a gift — neighbors and co-workers love junk food! After you’ve chosen something to throw away,...
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