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Nutrition Certified & Ready to Help YOU!

Posted by on Jan 9, 2013 in Healthy Living | Comments Off on Nutrition Certified & Ready to Help YOU!

Nutrition is a HUGE component to helping us reach our fitness goals, looking fabulous and living a more vibrant life! Some stats I’ve read say that it is more than 80% of the equation. I agree! I’ve studied and personally compared many nutrition “plans”, fad diets and what not over the years.  I have even exercised twice a day, an hour each, just trying to keep the extra fat from creeping back on. I have been so determined to never again weigh over 200 pounds and feel too tired or uncomfortable to really enjoy...

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“BRING ON the NEW YEAR” 30-Day Fitness Challenge

Posted by on Dec 5, 2012 in Challenge | Comments Off on “BRING ON the NEW YEAR” 30-Day Fitness Challenge

The holiday season is upon us. Are you enjoying a “holi-month” instead of a holi-day? Each January, many “resolve” to become more fit and healthy. Then a couple months later, seem to be in the same size/ position as on the 1st? Don’t do that to yourself… Just… don’t! Join “BRING ON the NEW YEAR” 30-Day Fitness Challenge! Registration began Dec 1st and ends Dec 22nd or until spaces are filled! Real Fitness + Real Nutrition + Real Support = SUCCESS! Start your year with confidence + the tools = Your Most Vibrant Self!...

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Wishing you a Bountiful Thanksgiving!

Posted by on Nov 22, 2012 in Healthy Living | Comments Off on Wishing you a Bountiful Thanksgiving!

It has been a very eventful year, as I’m sure that it has been for many of you.  With the many deaths of those I know, beginning in theSpring with my dear cousin, it has created much more gatitude for those I have in my life. Yes, healthy living is an on-going journey. Yes, the holidays are usually filled with more food and drink and calories mixed in with more stress and less sleep. However, my wish for everyone is that we all do our best to HYDRATE, MOVE at LEAST 15-30 MINS PER DAY, and ENJOY! It is possible to enjoy and still stay on...

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Get Lean During the Holidays!

Posted by on Oct 31, 2012 in Fitness, Healthy Living | Comments Off on Get Lean During the Holidays!

Life can get cra.a.a.a.z.z.zy busy! (Part of the reason I haven’t posted…my apologies. Please remember to follow me on as well…xo) Regardless of how packed our lives are, it is ESSENTIAL to schedule time to care for our physical selves.  I’m not perfect at this either, but I do my best and refocus often.   We need exercise during the Holidays more than any other time! (Sure we can all come up with our reasons…extra calories, extra stress, extra germs, etc). Here is a great way that YOU...

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It’s Cold Out….What do I wear??

Posted by on Dec 7, 2011 in Healthy Living | Comments Off on It’s Cold Out….What do I wear??

CLOTHING 1) Dress to Control Body Heat. Movement (work or play) produces heat. The body controls both the inside and outside body temperature by releasing heat through the skin. When our body temperature reaches a certain level, we begin to sweat, which helps cool us down. However, the body cannot regulate temperatures without a little help – mainly from the type and amount of clothing we wear. Clothing choices should always be based on the activity you?re performing, as well as the temperature conditions you?ll be in. Cold Weather:...

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What Keeps You Motivated?

Posted by on Nov 19, 2011 in Fitness, Mental Focus | Comments Off on What Keeps You Motivated?

Mental Focus plus 30 Min Treadmill Workout WHAT KEEPS YOU MOTIVATED?  The winter get-away on a beach… fitting into that special outfit for the holidays… looking and feeling spectacular at a school or family reunion… keeping your blood pressure at a healthy level… or beating your best scores and seeing the inches shrink? Figure out what “it” is for you!! In the beginning of a healthier lifestyle program, we know why we are making changes. We’re focused and determined.  Then life gets complicated, or...

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Simple Ways to Cleanse Your Inner Terrain

Posted by on Nov 7, 2011 in Caring Cuisine | Comments Off on Simple Ways to Cleanse Your Inner Terrain

Have you ever wondered… “should I do a cleanse?” …“There are so many to choose from!” …“ Which cleanse is best for me?”  Yes, having a healthy balanced body can provide you with clearer skin, whiter eyes and more energy. However, I have found that it does not have to be an all or nothing approach. I’ve tried a few popular cleanses in the past because I thought I should be able to personally answer my clients questions.  I have to admit I never really cared for the ones that require you to stop eating food and protein for days and...

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Keeping Your Health and Fitness a Priority During the Holidays

Posted by on Nov 6, 2011 in Fitness | Comments Off on Keeping Your Health and Fitness a Priority During the Holidays

November is upon us and December is right around the corner…yikes! Where did the year go?!  Do you have a game plan to stay healthy and energized? I completely understand that the added activities and stress during these two months (not to mention the additional sugar,alcohol,and highly-caloric / nutrient-deficient foods) can make it feel near impossible to stay healthy and fit.  When I was looking at our schedule, I almost feel like I only have 3 weeks left to the year that does not involve family and social activities.  However, I am...

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Wellness Wednesdays….Move Your Body!

Posted by on Oct 31, 2011 in Wellness Wednesdays | Comments Off on Wellness Wednesdays….Move Your Body!

Last week we focused on Hydration; because 2/3 of our body weight is water; essential for our organs to function efficiently. Today we are going to look at activity or movement or exercise…whatever you’d like to call it so that psychologically it feels GOOD when you think about it.  Our bodies are created for movement! Sometimes what’s between our ears (our self-talk) can get in the way. Our hearts are one of our most important muscles. Since we do not see it the way we do our legs or stomach or buttocks, sometimes we forget about it....

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Caring Cuisine…Getting Over Your Sweet Hurdle…Is it possible?

Posted by on Oct 30, 2011 in Caring Cuisine | Comments Off on Caring Cuisine…Getting Over Your Sweet Hurdle…Is it possible?

So many Americans spend so much money on organic and all natural, and work hard at taking care of their homes and inner terrain. Yet, the American Heart Association estimates that the current average American consumes 22 teaspoons of added sugar every day. If you measure that out, it’s nearly half a cup (about 355 calories).  Can you imagine scooping teaspoons of sugar directly into your mouth? I know that it’s tough to reduce or eliminate sugar. The big joke with my husband is that sugar is my “crack.” I do much better if it is not in the...

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