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Calling All Couch Potatoes!

Let’s Get Moving!

When “exercise” or the thought of getting “in shape” feels so overwhelming it’s paralyzing; it’s time to shake it off and start! A great way to start is to focus on creating a habit and just begin to move. An excellent time is while you are watching your favorite TV program!

While sitting and watching your favorite show, have two 3- to 5-pound dumbbells (or two bottles of water) on either side of you. When a commercial starts, do 12 reps of one of these moves until the show starts again: shoulder presses, triceps kickbacks, bicep curls, alternating leg extensions, lateral raises, bent-over t-rows, heel presses. When your show starts, sit back and rest. During the next commercial break, do another exercise and repeat. If you watch commercial-free, just set a timer and perform a move every ten minutes.

BTW…If using water bottles as your weights, make sure not to drink from them until your show is complete!

Click VIDEO Below for Demonstration of Exercises:

* Shoulder Press: Get into position by sitting at the edge of your seat, curl hands to shoulders and then open hands out to sides with palms facing forward (so your arms form a “W”). Press your hands overhead and return to “W” for 1 repetition.

* Tricep Kickbacks: Sit at the edge of your seat, hands near your hips and fingers facing inward. Bring your elbows back behind you as high as in comfortable. Straighten your elbows, pushing your hands behind you and bend elbows, returning hands to hips for 1 repetition.

* Bicep Curls: Sit at the edge of your seat, hands on the outside of your thighs with fingers facing forward. Bend at elbow and curl up, then return to starting for 1 repetition.

* Alternating Leg Extensions: Sit at the edge of your seat, hands by your sides and think about stretching thru your spine into the ceiling (this engages your abs!). Extend your right leg and squeeze the muscles on the top of your thigh. Slowly release and repeat with the left leg for 1 repetition.

* Lateral Raises: Sit at the edge of your seat, hands by your sides. Slowly raise your arms up so they are parallel to the ground and slowly release to your thighs for 1 repetition. NOT NECESSARY to raise your arms higher than shoulder height.

* Bent Over T-Rows: Sit at the edge of your seat hands by your sides with palms facing back. Lengthen thru your body and tighten your abs, then lean your upper body forward slightly. Maintain upper body lean, bend elbows and pull up so your arms look like a “T”.  Slowly release arms for 1 repetition. When you are done with your last rep, squeeze your butt and sit up tall.

* Heel Presses: Sit at the edge of your seat, hands by your sides and think about stretching thru your spine into the ceiling (again, working your tummy!). Both knees are bent 90 degrees. Lift your right toes up to the ceiling and press your heel into the ground. You will feel the back of your thigh and your butt work. Hold for 3 seconds and relax toes to ground for 3 seconds for 1 repetition. Complete all reps on your right leg and then your left leg.


  • REMEMBER…Focus on PROPER FORM and do as many as you can until your form is about to get sloppy.
  • TRACK YOUR PROGRESS! Use a note-card or note-book and write down the date, exercise and repetitions performed. When you can easily perform 20 or more reps, it’s time for a heavier weight. Heck, you can it use your smart phone to track.
  • DECREASE YOUR REST TIME…As you feel stronger and healthier, shorten the time between exercises. For example, every 2 weeks shorten the rest by 1 minute.
  • Gymboss Interval Timer…I Luv My Gymboss! This timer can be used when you travel and will be useful during your journey of getting stronger and healthier. You can use it to workout at home or inside.  I will be posting more workouts this year that utilize it. Stay tuned!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

FYI…I used to be over 200#…I understand getting started!