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Caring Cuisine…Do You Eat for a Happy Colon?

Food is about comfort, entertainment, social gatherings, and enjoyment …right?  Yes, I’m very aware that food is much more emotionally complex for most of us than just an energy source.

However, are you fatigued, have intense sugar cravings, get the “flu” every year, have nail fungus, indigestion, acid reflux, heart burn, bloated stomach, ulcers or extreme body odor?  If you answered yes to any of these, you may want to consider that what we choose to eat and drink has a large effect on our organs and digestive system.  I’m not even going to talk about a complete overhaul. I would like to encourage you to continue to make small changes in your eating and listen to your body’s warnings before there is something major that brings you to the hospital. Small changes become habits…be consistent.

Today we are going to talk about Meatless Mondays!  You can choose any day of the week, I just think it is kind of catchy and I heard it years ago and it’s stuck in my psyche. Choosing at least one day a week to refrain from eating any animal protein and nonfood (junk or fast-food) can be very healing for our body, specifically our intestines and colon. There are lots of reasons to keep our colon healthy and happy. If you would like to know more about them, please continue to follow my tips. For now, I’m going to say that “leaky gut” is REAL and can carry fungus and yeast into our blood stream.  Are you listening??

Here are a few recipe suggestions that can be found on-line:

If you are not interested in following a recipe, now is the season to pick up any root vegetables that tickle your fancy and roast them!  You can follow the simple recipe from last Sunday or chop up your veggies into similar size cubes, mix up herbs that you enjoy, mix them in a bowel with some grapeseed oil and bake them at 350 for about 40 minutes.  Enjoy on top of quinoa, rice or couscous. You can even add some beans.

If you are wondering what to eat for breakfast, try some cooked cereal with walnuts and dried cherries:

Bring 1.5 cups of water to a boil (I usually add the crumbled walnuts and dried cherries in the beginning, so they can soften and plump). Add 1/3 cup of (quinoa, buckwheat, spelt, or whole rolled oats…or a mix) to the boiling water and stir. Turn the stove heat to low and let the grain absorb the water. Stir frequently until the grains have reached your preferred consistency. Some like it a bit runny, some like it thick. Scoop or pour into your bowl and enjoy!

Hopefully, you are able to see that there are many options besides a salad when you choose not to eat the typical meat and potato and bread for lunch and dinner.  Our body digests vegetables more easily than meat, white flour and processed foods. Giving our body at least one day a week can help clean our intestinal walls and remove buildup in our colon. Having clean and healthy linings in our intestinal walls will allow our body to absorb more nutrients from what we eat. Without nutrition we cannot heal or regenerate body tissues.  Unfortunately, this can lead to a lack of energy and dis-ease in our body as well as accelerated aging.  So, are you with me?

Let’s choose to nurture our body and eat at least one day a week for a happy, healthy colon!

I’d love to hear what recipes you choose and how your journey to be healthy and vibrant is going…please share!