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10 Week Weight Loss Challenge Has Begun!

I am so excited about the team of participants! For many of us, it has been a fun long summer filled with extra ice cream and goodies at BBQ’s and parties. The important thing about healthy living is putting on the breaks before it gets out of hand and getting back on track. That is what we are choosing to do! I know that my team is dedicated and set up to take the correct action steps to...
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Get Lean During the Holidays!

Life can get cra.a.a.a.z.z.zy busy! (Part of the reason I haven’t posted…my apologies. Please remember to follow me on as well…xo) Regardless of how packed our lives are, it is ESSENTIAL to schedule time to care for our physical selves.  I’m not perfect at this either, but I do my best and refocus often.   We need exercise during the Holidays...
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What Keeps You Motivated?

Mental Focus plus 30 Min Treadmill Workout WHAT KEEPS YOU MOTIVATED?  The winter get-away on a beach… fitting into that special outfit for the holidays… looking and feeling spectacular at a school or family reunion… keeping your blood pressure at a healthy level… or beating your best scores and seeing the inches shrink? Figure out what “it” is for you!! In the...
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Keeping Your Health and Fitness a Priority During the Holidays

November is upon us and December is right around the corner…yikes! Where did the year go?!  Do you have a game plan to stay healthy and energized? I completely understand that the added activities and stress during these two months (not to mention the additional sugar,alcohol,and highly-caloric / nutrient-deficient foods) can make it feel near impossible to stay healthy and fit.  When I...
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