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Wishing you a Bountiful Thanksgiving!

It has been a very eventful year, as I’m sure that it has been for many of you.  With the many deaths of those I know, beginning in theSpring with my dear cousin, it has created much more gatitude for those I have in my life. Yes, healthy living is an on-going journey. Yes, the holidays are usually filled with more food and drink and calories mixed in with more stress and less sleep....
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Get Lean During the Holidays!

Life can get cra.a.a.a.z.z.zy busy! (Part of the reason I haven’t posted…my apologies. Please remember to follow me on as well…xo) Regardless of how packed our lives are, it is ESSENTIAL to schedule time to care for our physical selves.  I’m not perfect at this either, but I do my best and refocus often.   We need exercise during the Holidays...
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It’s Cold Out….What do I wear??

CLOTHING 1) Dress to Control Body Heat. Movement (work or play) produces heat. The body controls both the inside and outside body temperature by releasing heat through the skin. When our body temperature reaches a certain level, we begin to sweat, which helps cool us down. However, the body cannot regulate temperatures without a little help – mainly from the type and amount of clothing we...
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Wellness Wednesdays….Hydration

Welcome to Wellness Wednesdays with Jeanette, which is part of our month-long “Self-Care + Me = Exceptional Living” series. Today we are going to review a basic need that we have to keep our body’s running efficiently & have more energy… That is Hydration! I’m sure that everyone has heard how important it is to drink WATER. Do you really know WHY we need to drink water on a daily...
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