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Wellness Wednesdays….Move Your Body!

Last week we focused on Hydration; because 2/3 of our body weight is water; essential for our organs to function efficiently. Today we are going to look at activity or movement or exercise…whatever you’d like to call it so that psychologically it feels GOOD when you think about it.  Our bodies are created for movement! Sometimes what’s between our ears (our self-talk) can get in the way....
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Wellness Wednesdays…Toned Muscles = Stronger Bones & Healthier Life

This has been one of my favorite pictures for a long time. I’m not sure if she actually strength trained regularly or was just posing for the picture, however, I can relate to her physique a lot more than I can most others I see in magazines today! “To lift or not to lift?” This is the question many women ask themselves. Over the century the number of women who are...
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Wellness Wednesdays…Getting Your ZZZZZZZZ’s?

I would like you to ask yourself if YOU are getting your zzzzzzz’s? Some of you may be curious about why a Fitness Trainer is choosing to talk about SLEEP instead of giving a workout to tone your tush or arms.  It’s because our body requires SLEEP to heal and re-energize itself from all of the work it has provided during your day.  Remember, your body works best in balance. Even though science...
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Another Reason to Ditch the Diet…Stick to Water!

When reviewing nutrition with clients, I often receive questions about Diet Soda…”there are not any calories so it’s fine, right?” My gut has always said, “NO!”  My logic felt that something that was so “man-created” and “non-food like” just couldn’t be OK for our body on a regular basis. How does our body know what to do with the...
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