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Getting Real & Ready to Deal

Are YOU feeling your MOST vibrant and sexy?

How is it March already…I’m still in shock! This means that we have one more month of the first quarter of the year, and only 3 months before swimsuits, shorts, and light clothing are pulled out of storage. At least for those that live in the seasons…myself included now days!  Are you ready for summer? Playing outside? Going to the beach?

I don’t know about you, but I had a slower start to my year and a longer “Holiday Season.” I’m not complaining about the wonderful five weeks of reconnecting with my husband, awesome family time or the delicious cookies and meals that were prepared and enjoyed, but I’m ready to finally shed my holiday “cushion.”  My plan was to get back on track right away in January; at times I’ve felt a lot like the photo above. My cousin’s serious health challenge brought up a lot of past emotions from when my husband had stage 4 cancer and was told he had only three months to 1 year to live. So needless to say, I let my emotions get the best of me and found comfort in lounging around more than moving and choosing healthier snacks 80% of the time.

I’m sharing this with all of you because a new client shared with me that she chose to work with me because I have struggled with my weight and felt I could relate to her.  YES, IT IS TRUE…19 years ago I was over 200 pounds and it is a daily decision to nurture myself and feel healthier or increase the speed at which my body naturally breaks down. This is the same choice for everyone.

So, what are you going to decide today? Right now?

NURTURE = Energy, Health, Less Pain, Decreased Risk of Dis-Ease, Strength and Endurance to Enjoy Loved Ones …Happy Memories…

DEGENERATION = Lethargy, Headaches, Acidic body = Dis-Ease, Back Ache, Neck Pain, Muscle Weakness and miss out on activities and memories…

Remember, every moment is a chance to make a change. I’m not saying that you can never enjoy a slice of chocolate cake. None of us are SUPER HUMAN! Plus, a little indulgence during the week actually helps our metabolism.

Since both my experience and research support that small changes have a better chance of sticking and creating longer benefits, I’d like to encourage you to decide to create a healthier habit in one area of your life.  For example, if you are a soda drinker (diet or regular) replace it with seltzer water flavored with lemon, lime or frozen berries. If you eat a calorie dense/nutrient void dessert every night, replace it with a bowl of berries (you can even warm them up!), add a dollop of yogurt and a few crumbled pecans and enjoy this at least 5-6 nights out of the seven.  If you do not exercise at all, choose to walk for 10 minutes, 3 times a week. Write it down! Schedule it, just like you would your dentist appointment. Start with small changes and increase from there. If you are choosing to make a nutritional change, find a replacement for the item you know is not healthy.

Back to the nutritional component….I know that when life gets stressful, it is easy to sooth/numb/comfort yourself with sugar and creamy fatty foods.  However, it’s only a temporary fix that creates other challenges. When I feel my best, I follow the 80-20 rule. Eighty percent of my week, I write out my healthy menu and eat clean and then 10% of the week I indulge. For example, eat clean 6 days a week and FEED one day a week. It’s usually a Saturday for me. Also, remember that there arehealthy alternatives to that chocolate fudge brownie. Can you tell that chocolate is one of my favorites? In fact, I have been working on some healthier desserts and will be sharing them soon! Here is a photo of a healthier, gluten-free brownie I made.