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It’s a Journey…Not a Destination…Weight Loss

If ONLY being healthy and remaining that ideal size were a destination. Many times throughout my life I’ve wished this and maybe you can relate. No such luck! Maintaining a healthy body is like brushing your teeth, if not done daily they get hairy/slimy (we get weaker &/or heavier) and eventually teeth will fall out (we end up in pain or sick/injured).

I was reminded of how this feels – yet again – over the past several months. In the fall, I decided that I was going to compete in my first bodybuilding/bikini contest (I needed a goal!). Then I injured my hand. I thought…oh well, I’ll focus on my butt & lower body. Well, funny how sometimes we have a plan and I guess it just doesn’t sync up with God’s (or the univerise, depending on your beliefs). I had my first Rheumatoid Arthritis flair up in 20 years! Plugged through and did what I could when I could. I have to admit, didn’t eat as clean during the bitter cold winter – used my pain as an excuse (just calling my own b***-s**t). Then, went skiing for the first time on Valentine’s. Did great all day and then around 8pm….bit it!!! Hit my knee so hard I’m still not able to kneel on it.  yuck…..

So all of this to say…I’ve missed you all!!

I’m back!!!

I’m reaching out to you!!!

I love all my clients and holding them accountable to their goals is exciting. I know that Team Work Makes the Dream Work!! So, as I get back into my fitness plan and strive to strengthen my body and shrink the fat, I’d like to invite you to come along for the journey! WOW am I reminded!!!  Accountability helps!! It’s tough when my heart rate does not recover as quickly. Man oh man did the ladder feel heavy the other day. I really miss my strength!! Plus, I don’t enjoy how snug my pants have gotten.

Since warmer weather and summer are very quickly approaching, I invite you to join me to start over. OR ramp it up and fine tune your healthy living journey!!

I will be posting a Mini-Challenge every Thursday in May. I invite you to take pictures and share either on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and tag me @SolomaFitness. Plus, add the hashtag #MayMiniChallenge for random weekly prizes. (My virtual assistant will be randomly choosing winners from the images posted.) Please spread the word !!!

Here’s to loving and nurturing our body along every step of the way!!  The first 5 pounds of many or the last 5 pounds…we are the same beautiful creature inside. Let’s love and celebrate where we are and continue to strive to be the best version of ourselves. This May I wish you a healthier month than last.

Join me with the #MayMiniChallenge.
Let’s let our true beauty shine!