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July 4th 4 Day Challenge


July is here! Will you choose success? The holiday weekend can be a potential set back with health and fitness goals, but let’s shake that thought off and choose to kick off the month with a healthy bang!

This weekend presents an opportunity. An opportunity to strengthen your healthy actions or to create new ones. Instead of looking at the upcoming weekend as an inevitable “break from the diet”, lets figure out how we can incorporate a few aspects of a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying that S’more (at 268 calories – one is definitely enough).

4 Days – 4 Challenges (Saturday-Tuesday)

1) 4 days of Exercise/Movement for 30 minutes (minimum) every day! You knew I would put this one in! But have fun with this one! Walk with a friend, play with the kids, get in the pool, work in the yard, hike a new trail, rent a bike. Do something everyday that gets your body moving! (you can even chunk the time up)

2) 4 minutes of mind clearing/relaxation each day. Reading, deep breathing, meditation, prayer, contemplation, watch the sunrise/sunset – as long your chosen activity allows your mind to let down it’s guard for 4 minutes, it will work! (No electronics for this one!)

3) 4 Days of planned meals! Enjoy the FREEDOM (this is the weekend of celebrating freedom) of having a weekend with all of your meals and snacks planned. That is not to say you can’t be spontaneous. If a fabulous invitation comes your way, great, go for it! You can save that meal for another day. What I challenge you to avoid is settling for hitting the drive through or a “less than ideal” meal or snack (and the guilt that often follows) because you did not have something planned. And if there is a party scheduled for the weekend, include that in the plan. (visit my Facebook page to learn how to use your hands for portion success)

4) Each day, write down 4 things about this new healthy lifestyle you are grateful for, or 4 things you like about the healthier-you that is emerging. No duplicates. You should have a list of 16 awesome reasons to motivate you to continue on this imperfect path toward health.

Most of all, enjoy the weekend, get outside, sleep in (if the kids or furry babies will let you), have a treat – and above all, treat yourself well! Remember, this healthy living journey is a marathon. A marathon called life. I hope you get many decades of healthy miles ahead!

Much health and laughter…