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Nutrition Certified & Ready to Help YOU!

Nutrition is a HUGE component to helping us reach our fitness goals, looking fabulous and living a more vibrant life! Some stats I’ve read say that it is more than 80% of the equation. I agree!

I’ve studied and personally compared many nutrition “plans”, fad diets and what not over the years.  I have even exercised twice a day, an hour each, just trying to keep the extra fat from creeping back on. I have been so determined to never again weigh over 200 pounds and feel too tired or uncomfortable to really enjoy life…TRUST ME… it’s about finding the right balance that works for you, that can be maintained for years to come! (not following something that will work for quick results yet is not sustainable)

I’m so excited to have completed this intense program and be allowed to coach you in a very important area….creating a Healthful Eating Plan! This certification reinforced much that I’ve learned over the years, plus has given me more in depth knowledge about mineral absorption, and the intricacies of human digestion.

For those of you that really know me, I fully admit that I am human and struggle with food balance just like most Americans. However, I am passionate about doing my best every day to nurture and fuel my body + have some fun and enjoy life.

Yes…food is a component of enjoying life!

If you are ready to explore and improve the nutrition part of your life and fitness program, please contact me.

It would be my honor to help YOU live your most vibrant life!