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One-on-One Training

One hour private session designed to fit your lifestyle and goals.
Strength Train: Tone / Tighten / Build Muscle
Balance & Stability Training
Fat Loss Circuit Training
Postural & Muscle Correction Training
Cardio & Treadmill Training
Plyometric Training
Mobility & Flexibility Work
Pre/Post Natal Training

Small Group Training

Do you have a friend or loved one to share the training time?

Sometimes having a workout buddy holds you more accountable and you can share in the cost.

Similar training program as One-on-One sessions

On-line / Skype Training

Do you live somewhere other than Twin Cities, MN?

With our wonderful technology today, you can still receive One-on-One Coaching in the comfort of your home!  Email to discuss details.

Without our Health, we have nothing!

 Join me and let’s be Brighter Together…

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Workout in the convenience of
* your own home *
* on your schedule *
* at your own pace *

Designed by personal trainer Jeanette Soloma Hale, to keep you healthy during the hustle and bustle of life…especially during the Holidays!

30-minute workout routine…

All levels of fitness invited!



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