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A vibrant life starts with your toes…Feet & Weight Loss

Have you ever come home and thought… I can’t take another step!
I certainly have.  I’m grateful that I was taught early on to nurture and care for my feet. Your feet make up about 25% of all bones in the body. Neural communication from your feet effects the way your muscles react with every step you take too. So if your goal is to remain active and out of pain for many years to come, take a moment and implement at least one of the tips below…

  1. Stay Hydrated… If our bodies do not receive enough water to function, we retain extra water. Often this extra water can make our feet swell. If you are active, important to not completely avoid sea salt either. Too low of sodium intake can be unhealthy, just like too much sodium intake can be. Too much or too little will also affect how your body utilizes the water you do drink.
  2. Massage … There are plenty of pressure points on our feet. If you have ever experienced acupuncture or reflexology, you may know how the points on your feet can help your neck or shoulder feel better. If you can’t get away and have someone work on your feet, do it yourself. A golf ball on the floor while you watch television or work at your desk works great! Just roll your foot around on it and BREATH when you come across a tender spot. Stretch them too!
  3. Spread them Toes … Usually we tend to cram our feet into shoes (especially those gorgeous high heels) so our feet stop working efficiently.  I have found a simple solution to begin to make a difference is to use pedicure toe spreaders! Some of you may think that I’ve lost my mind. But don’t judge until you try it!  Yes, there are more expensive yoga toes. I’ve found that the yoga toes are too much for my clients in the beginning anyway. Pick up a pair of foam spreaders and stick them in between those piggies! Let me know what you think… Begin slowly and keep them in for about 5 minutes. Then continue to increase the time. I even walk around with them in as I prepare meals. This is a bonus, because it’s more active (you can ask me to explain the difference between passive and active if you’re curious).
  4. Gunk & Fungus Free … Take care of your toes and feet. use a pumice, clean under your nails. If you are struggling with Toe Nail Fungus…fix it. Any discomfort may cause you to walk differently to avoid pain. This may eventually create a stiff shoulder, achy back, or stiff neck. I use pharmaceutical Tea Tree Oil on my toe nails weekly. It is a natural fungicide and kills bacteria, plus very healing and penetrating. Heck, I even rub it into my feet sometimes before I lotion them up.
  5. Foot Support … Some may not agree with me and I’m OK with that. I believe that a proper shoe when you train or run or walk or whatever you choose to do can make a huge difference. I have found if you tend to pronate or supinate and have a shoe that will still allow for roll-thru and off your big toe, yet control your movement you are more likely to have your glutes and hamstring area fire more properly and reduce other imbalances. Yes, there are other things to consider leg rotation, knee rotation, pelvis tilt, etc). For some, this may mean orthotics or arch/heel support. However, with such busy lifestyles, I have seen faster results with weight loss due to quicker improvements when proper foot control is considered. Yes, I still have clients foam roll prior and after to continue to correct movement as well.

There you go!  Something different to think about…. love your feet and they will love you back. They will perform better for you and create less challenges later. If your feet feel great, you are more likely to run faster, push harder and get leaner and stronger!

I look forward to hearing from any of you. Which are you going to try? How did it help?

Wishing you all a healthful journey in this thing we call life.
Remember, it’s precious….hoping you enjoy more moments than not!