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Weight Loss #MayMiniChallenge 2 – Hydration

Water is an absolute essential to live. Did you know, that just breathing uses water? I’m sure most of you have heard, you could survive for weeks without food. But only live a few days without water.

Our body weight is between 45 to 75 percent water. Unfortunately, our body does not have the capacity to store “excess” water so it is absolutely essential to replace water regularly throughout each day!

Water performs a vast variety of tasks:

  • Water is the highway that moves nutrients and waste between cells and organs.
  • Water carries waster out of your body in urine.
  • Nearly all the chemical reactions of metabolism involve water. (HELLO…WEIGHT LOSS!)
  • A major component of all body fluids that are involved in shock absorption, lubrication, cleansing, and protection is water.
  • Water is an essential component of the body’s mechanisms to maintain pH balance (very narrow range necessary for life!).
  • Plus, it helps in cooling of the body, skin vibrancy and so much more!

If this does not encourage you enough to DRINK your water, send me a note and I will give you some more reasons!

So….this weeks May Mini Challenge is to drink 1/2 of your body weight in ounces!

weight = 160 pounds …. Drink 80 ounces of Water Daily

What are ways to get it in daily???

  • TRACK IT…. I use a simple produce rubber band and make tally marks.
  • PREP IT…. Bring several bottles to work and drink them before the end of the day.
  • FLAVOR IT…. Use frozen fruit or mint or cucumbers to zest it up!

JOIN ME: POST pics of your water intake this week! Share fun ways you zest up your water to help you drink it through out the day. Share ways that you track your water intake to make sure you stay healthy and continue to loose weight, or maintain a healthy weigh loss. Remember to tag @SolomaFitness and add #MayMiniChallenge.

To qualify for prizes:

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*Take a Picture that relates to the weekly challenge.

*Post the Picture with #MayMiniChallenge & tag me @SolomaFitness.

Weekly winner will be chosen on Wednesday evening.

Let’s encourage each other & make May your healthiest month yet!